Meatloaf AFL grand final
Every year it is made clear to the AFL that the vast majority of fans don’t want a twilight grand final.

And yet every year the AFL wheel out the issue for discussion and debate. One of the things that particularly excites them is the opportunity for some great entertainment.

Isn’t our great game exciting enough?

While we’re all traditionalists, a twilight Grand Final with the right entertainment would be amazing.
Richard Goyder, AFL Chairman

Poll after poll shows a clear ­majority of fans don’t want it. So why do something your largest stakeholder clearly doesn’t want? It’s not a lineball ­decision, it’s a clear majority.
Gerry Eeman, AFL Fans Association

The AFL on a twilight Grand Final is like a charity mugger. No matter how much you tell them you don’t want to, they go on like you’ve said nothing.
Titus O’Reily

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