18 metre goal square
Growing up, we fell in love with footy for many reasons. These included the sheer physicality, the spectacular high marking, long kicking, and the breathtaking one-on-one contests which often pitted champion against champion.

Constant changes to the rules of the game, however, have left many fans feeling very frustrated and annoyed.

The game we fell in love with is almost unrecognisable today. It has became a game of congestion, flooding, keepings off and relentless stoppages.

We are told that the game is a lot harder, faster and tougher these days. And that people wanting to see a return to footy how it used to be played are ‘dinosaurs’ or ‘living in the past’. No, we just want our game back.

To be fair, the AFL has attempted to address the issue, bringing in a raft of changes for the 2019 season. And we are all grateful that footy’s equivalent of Frankenstein, that abomination they called the 18 metre goal square, was not included.

But it is not enough. If it is true, as the AFL tells us, that the game is a “product” and that the fans are “consumers”, then what is being served up right now is not very appetizing.

We’ve also consulted with our fans, we’ve listened to the fans.
Steve Hocking

AFL confirms rule changes for 2019 season but scraps 18-metre goal square