Footy clubs around the country continue to struggle, and continue to cry for help.

But the AFL is more than happy to pour huge amounts of money into AFLX instead. No need to stress though, it’s for the kids.

Is it for fans? If so, they’re scarcely racing for the entrances in droves. Ticket prices have been reduced, and AFL members can get in for free. So can kids. It’s the modern sports administrator’s infallible, all-purpose, go-everywhere, no-questions-asked alibi: it’s all for the kiddies.
Greg Baum

The rationale for AFLX has never been convincingly argued by the league, though there was no shortage on Friday night of willing spruikers, most of whom seemed to occupy some spot in the game’s food chain, telling the dissenters to “lighten up” and that it was “just some fun”.
Rohan Connolly

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