Reform the AFL has been launched to lobby for a full and independent review of the AFL’s governance and administration.

There is no argument that the AFL Commission has done some great things since its formation. Unfortunately there is also a long list of failures.

The AFL clubs agreed to an independent Commission on the basis that it would act in the best interests of the game. Yet there is a growing view that the AFL is more focused on growing and protecting its brand, rather than the game itself.

Further, many issues continue to frustrate fans. These include, but are not limited to, inconsistent umpiring, constant rule changes, score reviews, compromised fixture, and the future of grass roots footy.

The lack of transparency and accountability at AFL House is of concern to many and is no longer acceptable. It’s time to conduct an independent review of the entire organisation, from top to bottom.

We all want a strong and successful AFL competition. However, we all deserve an administration that is both transparent and accountable.