Some say the AFL has a conflict of interest in that it runs the 18 team professional competition AND is the body charged with developing and growing the game. Some argue that these two roles should be carried out by two separate bodies.

A good example of where this structure has been implemented is in the UK, where the Premier League runs the professional competition and the Football Association (FA) looks after the interests of the game itself.

The question that has been asked is should consideration be given to dividing the AFL into two bodies?

This is an issue that needs to be explored in much further detail, but here is an example of how it might look:

Australian Football League (AFL) – established to run the professional 18 team AFL competition. It would be completely free to focus on pure commercial outcomes.

National Footy League (NFL) – established to oversee the growth and development of all grassroots footy in Australia. It would also take responsibility for the Laws of the Game.

Push for new governing body to rule country football