Ali Fahour
The AFL’s former National Diversity Manager, Ali Fahour, threw a coward’s punch in a local footy match in July 2017, knocking out his unsuspecting victim.

In 2012 he was also charged with misconduct after leaving the playing field and tangling with a spectator. He escaped with a severe reprimand and was backed publicly by former AFL boss Andrew Demetriou.

The fact that his employment was not immediately terminated beggars belief. Under Rule 2.3 of the AFL Rules a person must not engage in conduct which is unbecoming or likely to prejudice the interests or reputation of the AFL or to bring the game of football into disrepute.

Fahour’s role as the AFL’s National Diversity Manager was to provide a welcoming environment for our migrant communities from all over Australia. This includes convincing parents of new arrivals that if their children decide to take up Australian Football, they will be safe and be treated with respect.

After Fahour’s coward punch, a brazen act of thuggery, it was clear that his position had become untenable and that his employment must be terminated immediately.

To the surprise of many in the community, the AFL’s CEO, Gillon McLachlan, initially refused to sack Fahour. It was only after he was banned from playing football for life that Fahour was given his marching orders.

Fahour’s portfolio as head of multicultural and indigenous partnerships and programs is about inclusion, acceptance, tolerance and the promotion of social cohesiveness. A king hit makes a mockery of what he stands for.
Mark Robinson

The trouble with the AFL is when dealing with its own it sets different and lower standards than when it deals with anyone else who has crossed the line. The AFL is the best run sport in the country but particularly under Andrew Demetriou they were a bullying, intimidatory organisation and they protected their own against the interests of the game.
Jeff Kennett

The AFL has a rich history of double standards and preferential treatment for the chosen few.
Rita Panahi

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