AFL China crowd
The AFL are the masters of spin. They could mount a compelling argument that two plus two does indeed, equal five.

And most likely issue you with a “please explain” if you dared to disagree.

There are too many examples of AFL spin to list here, so we will use one of the most recent, the crowd figures for China.

We were informed that the match was a great success and that it was a sell-out.

Have a look at the images and video below and make up your own mind.

Many people have had enough. All we want from the custodian of the game is honesty. If a mistake is made, put your hand up and say “we made a mistake”.

Enough with the spin. Or, if we may be permitted to lapse into the vernacular, enough with the BS.

The ground looks amazing, it’s sold out.
Gillon McLachlan

Buses took fans to wrong stadium