AFL salaries
The AFL’s 12-person executive team took home more than $10.73 million in wages in 2018, including $3.56m in bonuses.

The cash bonanza for the game’s top brass equates to an average annual salary package of $894,000.

But the size of chief executive Gillon McLachlan’s pay packet remains a secret because of a protocol change enforced by AFL commission chairman Richard Goyder.

McLachlan’s wage was last publicly declared at $1.74 million two years ago.

With respect, why is the CEO’s salary a secret? The AFL claims that it is transparent and accountable, yet it is anything but.

The worst example of its aloofness on this issue is the secrecy surrounding the CEO’s pay, all while, at the same time, our 18 club presidents do their jobs for free, the equivalent of a full-time job on top of their day jobs.

I would also question whether the salaries paid to the AFL executives accurately reflect the difficulty of the task at hand. If you can’t make AFL a success in Australia, you must be operating with half a brain.

Four of our six states are hardwired to care about little else from March to September. And as much as we gripe about membership costs, match scheduling and rule changes, we all keep going anyway.

A monkey could make a success of our national game, yet we ain’t paying them peanuts.
David Penberthy

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