jobs for the boys
In 2018 the AFL announced that former AFL Tasmania chief executive Rob Auld — the brother of the league’s chief financial officer, Travis Auld — had been appointed head of Game Development.

Rob Auld — whose new responsibilities include the management of state programs, community program and international development — is credited with helping increase Auskick participation in Tasmania by 26 per cent.

Club bosses at the time expressed concern that the job handed to Auld’s brother was not advertised.

“Surely if you are going to appoint a bloke’s brother you’ve got to run a process,” one club chief said.

Whilst it is not suggested that Mr. Auld is less than capable, why wasn’t such an important position as head of Game Development not advertised?

And it’s not just this position. Other executive positions at AFL House continue to be handed out to mates of mates. Nice work if you can get it.

Working at AFL House is a privilege, not a right. All future positions at AFL House must be advertised.

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